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If I rent out apartments built before 1978, in order to comply with the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule, do I need to get firm and renovator certification if I do my own work on it? What if I hire a renovation firm to do the work?

With respect to landlords, EPA believes that there are two circumstances where work being done in pre-1978 apartment is for compensation such that the landlord must be a certified firm and use (or be) a certified renovator. First, if the landlord does the renovation him or herself, then the landlord must have firm and renovator certification.  Second if an employee of the landlord does the renovation work, then the landlord must have firm certification and the employee must be a certified renovator.  

However, if the landlord hires a renovation firm to perform the renovation, the landlord does not need firm or renovator certification, but the firm hired by the landlord must be certified and must perform the renovation using a certified renovator that directs and provides on-the-job training to any workers that are not certified renovators.

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