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Will areas of newly friable asbestos-containing building material (ACBM) or newly friable assumed ACBM be required to undergo initial cleaning in accordance with 40 CFR part 763.91?

Yes, the following requirements as stated in 40 CFR part 763.91(c)(1) of the asbestos in schools rule will apply: “Initial Cleaning. Unless the building has been cleaned using equivalent methods within the previous 6 months, all areas of a school building where friable ACBM, damaged or significantly damaged thermal system insulation ACM, or friable suspected ACBM assumed to be ACM are present shall be cleaned at least once after the completion of the inspection required by 40 CFR part 763.85(a) and before the initiation of any response action, other than O&M activities and repair . . .”  Note that an area must be cleaned before a response action, which would include any response action to address the newly friable ACBM or newly friable assumed ACBM.


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