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In exterior containment if a large tree or shrub is within the work area can the plastic be placed around the base and would the plant, however large, need to be covered also need to be covered?

The RRP Rule does not specifically address containment of trees or shrubs, but if dust, debris, or residue remains in the tree or shrub at the conclusion of the job, the site will not pass visual inspectionThe work practices for exterior projects are based on a performance standard -- the certified renovator or a worker under the direction of the certified renovator must contain the work area so that dust or debris does not leave the work area while the renovation is being performed.  In addition, at the end of the job, a certified renovator must perform a visual inspection to determine whether dust, debris or residue is still present on surfaces in and below the work area, including windowsills and the ground. If dust, debris or residue is present, these conditions must be eliminated and another visual inspection must be performed. 
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