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If a renovation is to be performed on a private balcony of a single unit in a multi-unit target housing building, does that activity trigger the common area notification requirements?


A determination of whether the balcony renovation falls within a common area depends upon the scope of the renovation activity. A common area is a portion of a building that is generally accessible to all residents/users. Thus, if the work area established to contain dust and debris from the renovation activity is entirely within the confines of the private balcony, then the renovation is not generally accessible to residents/users, not within a common area, and therefore not subject to the common area notification requirements. However, if the work area is not entirely within the confines of the balcony (e.g., the renovation will result in the release of dust, paint chips, or other construction debris to the ground beneath the balcony), the firm must comply with the pre-renovation education requirements for common area renovations.

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