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A child's consecutive visits to a particular building (such as a hospital) can technically qualify that building as a child-occupied facility, even if the visits were an isolated or rare event. How long does such a building remain a child-occupied facilit

A building, or portion of a building, is defined as a child-occupied facility when visited regularly by the same child, under 6 years of age, on at least two different days within any week, provided that each day's visit lasts at least 3 hours and the combined weekly visits last at least 6 hours, and the combined annual visits last at least 60 hours.  The determination of whether a building is a child-occupied facility (i.e. whether a child under age six regularly visits the building as set forth above) requires an accounting of annual visits.   Therefore, whenever a building meets the definition of a child-occupied facility, it remains so for at least a period of one year.  After that period, it may be determined that the building no longer meets the definitions of a child-occupied facility.
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