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What is Federal Electronics Challenge (FEC) mentoring?

"Mentoring" is providing direct support to a federal facility or agency to assist them in implementing more sustainable electronics management strategies, and is a required activity for Platinum and Gold Level Award applicants. FEC mentoring can be provided to any federal facility, including those within your own agency. Also, it is not necessary for mentees to be FEC Partners. The level and depth of support are determined jointly by the mentor and mentee.

Examples of mentoring activities include: meeting with individual facility representatives to answer questions related to the electronics lifecycle or FEC participation; providing support in completing FEC documentation, such as the baseline survey or annual reporting form; or working with an individual facility to implement FEC goals, such as developing acquisition language, authoring a power management policy, or selecting an electronics recycler. FEC Champions that provide assistance or support to a federal facility may also count these activities as mentoring activities.

FEC partners can fulfill one of their mentoring requirement by providing indirect mentoring through one of the following activities: present on one of the FEC Partner Calls; submit a new electronics stewardship case study to the FEC; or submit a new electronics stewardship resource to the FEC.

For more details on mentoring requirements, please see Answers to Frequent Questions: Mentoring (PDF, 44 KB). 

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