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What was the “opt-out” provision and when was it revoked? 

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What was the “opt-out” provision and when was it revoked? 


On April 22, 2010, EPA issued a final rule revoking the opt-out provision of the 2008 RRP Rule.  The rule was published in the Federal Register on May 6, 2010, and took effect on July 6, 2010. 

As originally published in 2008, the RRP Rule allowed homeowners to "opt out" of the requirement to hire a trained renovator who follows the RRP work practices if the homeowner certifies that (1) the renovation will occur in the owner’s residence, (2) no child under age six or pregnant women resides there, (3) the housing is not a child-occupied facility, and (4) the owner acknowledges that the renovation firm will not be required to use the work practices contained in the RRP Rule. 

Under the 2010 RRP Rule, homeowners are no longer permitted to “opt out” of having a renovation performed without the RRP work practices. 

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